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Moneyball ot

It’s a wonderful film!

It’s about a second-tier-underdog General Manager’s impossible task of fielding a competitive, professional baseball team without the ability to bid competitively for the best talent.

It’s about a remarkable wealth of acting talent springing brilliantly off a surprisingly-deep bench to insert a nonstop mosaic of flavorful bursts of uniquely-personal characterizations throughout a film that’s perfectly-paced and discouragingly faced with the ridiculous challenge of draughting an entertaining and enlightening film from a textbook devoted to the inspired study of inferential statistics.  Pitch that.

It’s about RISK! so it took the better part of a decade to get made.

It’s also about the levelling of a cockeyed playing field that’s been cockeyed for decades because of the unfair advantage vast sums of money give certain participants.  It’s about dozens of fascinating things, only one of which is baseball…or history…or record-setting, or whatever rocks your boat.  There’s something insanely-delicious in this one for everybody.  “And if it just doesn’t work, it’s all your fault — Just kidding.”

So Moneyball is an amazingly entertaining, two-fisted, manly film that happens, also, to instruct activists in the discovery and application of overlooked means (in the details, stupid) to overcome the unfair advantage the Citizens United decision provided corporate wealth to skew elections, everafter.  And like it or not, (and it happens I don’t) the only second-tier, minor-market, underdog, can’t-win Cinderella nosing around this year’s Presidential Ball appears to be Ron Paul.

The A’s didn’t even get deep into the 2002 post-season, but they changed the game…


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