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Fact You — an immodest proposal

The American electoral system is busted.  Politicians struggle to raise obscene amounts of money in order to get re-elected by feeding those funds into corporate broadcast media for muckraking spots.

What if all national political advertisements could only be presented on the Public Broadcast System?

The proprietary media cartel, represented by the A.M.P.T.P (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) would lose 3-12 billion dollars of annual revenue.  You’ll remember that organization as the folks who beat the pants off the Writers Guild of America during the Hundred Days Strike of 2007-8.

If traditional journalism was irreparably crippled by blogging and the web, perhaps the remedy for what’s ailing fact-checking and responsible reportage would be provided by the infusion of vast amounts of capital into the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS, and Wikipedia.

I tender this notion from the seat of my pants, with the expectation that anyone who happens upon it will recognize its idiocy and shoot it full of holes (that I don’t happen to see).  Feel free.

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