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Star Trek: Beyond

After a single pass, I know a few things with certainty:

1.  It’s difficult to talk about the film without spoiling the hell out of it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. (KRALL!)

2.  The most fascinating and vital aspects of the story bristle with spoiler-alerts.

3.  Much of what remains involves the fresh, unexpected and special interactions of familiar characters who’ve been familiar for 50 years.

4.  I loved it, without qualification.

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  1. Samuel L. Jackson in Lakeview Terrace presented his audience with a fascinating and horrifying monster-next-door.
    Picture that character marooned on the island that saved Chuck Noland’s (Tom Hanks) life in Cast Away.
    That flinty, bitter ultra-hawkish forced-retiree spends a few decades becoming a sociopathic immortal adversary of the utopian interspecies melting pot we like to call the Federation.
    Balthazar M. Edison’s xenophobic window seat is located high atop a clock tower in the warm/fuzzy Roddenberry Building on campus at Starfleet Academy.
    He’s a riveting anti-Gene idealist lodged like a merciless reptile brain at the core of the Prime Directive.
    That Edison’s two crewmen survived imprisonment with him speaks to the survival of his sanity,
    and underscores the validity of his corps principles,
    No (hu)man left behind.
    Evidently, any other species of sentient life was held to be fuel in the holy pursuit of Federation-wrecking.
    And the Federation was itself a declaration of war on the sacred roots on hum-unkind.
    I think Krall, the definitive racist, was exceptionally-well envisioned, obscured and revealed.
    Beautifully written, beautifully executed, just like the entire film.

    Comment by Scott Ellington | 07 Oct 16 | Reply

  2. Hi, sometimes I get a 400 site error when I view your website. Just a heads up, best wishes

    Comment by Lurv | 11 May 17 | Reply

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