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Van Helsing

When I stumbled into this film this morning, I’d no expectation that it would turn out to be a masterpiece of heuristic storytelling in which the fragments of three cornerstones of gothic horror would be fused into a fascinatingly singular adventure.  Rooted in humor, homage and critique, Van Helsing swept me off my feet again this evening.  Stephen Sommers!

12JUL2013, while watching the DVD with commentary, Sommers recites the keenly human question that opened the crypt of the narrative:  “What would you do with three gorgeous women for four hundred years?”  The film coalesced the instant that question was asked in the mind of its author — obviously, one would fuck like crazy, and the issue of that answer would require the unholy talents of the one-and-only Herr Doktor Viktor von Frankenstein to awaken the undead army of Dracula’s unborn monstrosities to create the way of the future — which doesn’t account for Dracula’s history, but Sommers does so with unqualified genius.  In my estimation, ladies and gentlemen, this here Van Helsing is one hell of a brilliant, visual-adrenaline movie and (just like Casablanca) an endlessly-rewatchable film.  “Three cornerstones of gothic horror”, was a shameful underestimate.

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