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I just spent the last six weeks stranded in the Delta Quadrant, watching all 171 episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, courtesy of NetFlix.  In my estimation, the very best of these remarkably-inventive stories, The 37’s, opened the second season and ended the entire  seven season series with the ringing resonance of Endgame, an episode so rich in internal quirks, twists, character and irony that the shock of mythic satisfaction I’m presently experiencing impels me toward the other sagas in this franchise (except Enterprise) with unparalleled enthusiasm.

There’s probably no better way to overcome the helpless futility of cliffhangers, commercial interruptions and appointment television than marathoning juicy, chewy, moralizing, spiritually-elevating junk like this.

Tastes great, less filling; highly recommended!

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  1. You might try going through the evidence of the innocence of Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jesse Mislelley. Find the real persons responsible and you might just get elected to Congress.

    Comment by David stone | 19 Jun 12 | Reply

    • The trial of the West Memphis Three involves another guy with my name. Neither the Arkansas prosecutor and the celebrated theologian are me, but thanks for the tip.

      Comment by Scott Ellington | 19 Jun 12 | Reply

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