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Franklinstein’s Monster

Thanks to Ken Burns, I just learned that philosopher Immanuel Kant, after Ben Franklin discoursed on the nature of electricity, called the American a genius who’d stolen the fires of heaven, a modern Prometheus!

Then Mary Shelley wrote about an eclectic creature played by Boris Karloff and animated by BZZZZT!

Say the secret woid, win a hunnid dollas. (Ben! It’s Ben!)

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The Last Slap

I think there will be a special Oscar next year for Ridley Scott who directed and probably produced Will Smith’s breathtaking counterattack on Chris Rock. Ridley, you see, realized his big blunder in casting the $100 million dollar box office dud, The Last Duel, lay in casting white guys, who are intrinsically less cool than Will and Christ. I mean Chris. And so recast the black comic sequel and sat back to check the buzz that may never stop flowing from the spotlight in which a flawed and complex knight in shining dentalwork did engage with single bitchslap his earnst colleague, who really quite slightly slighted the fair honor of the insulted guy’s true love.

We’re talking about a guy who laughed at the “affront” until, in glancing at his wife, he realized that

  1. to ensure domestic tranquility he’d BETTER GET UP OFF HIS SORRY BEHIND & DO SOMETHING or
  2. his more-perfect union with her would demand an uncommon defense and
  3. to secure the Blessing of Liberty
  4. he owed it to our Posterity to break cover of the winning grin and risk.

Our Posterity is the signature Ridley Scott kicker; the thread of xenophobic continuity that runs through all of his films. And it doesn’t get much more Us v Them than when Rock bastes his roast with profoundly undesired chagrin while millions of inimical millennials look on. So action got took. Tongues wag with fingers, and Ridley found his audience precisely where it lives. The Last Duel had a spectacular sequel.

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