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or AmputeeHouse of the August Moon, but it’s really DieHard 6.  There’s probably something morally or creatively wrong with either that read or the chutzpah that presumes to replicate/critique the success of a brilliant crowd pleaser, but all the stuff that made the first Die Hard brilliant grows seamlessly in and out of Skyscraper, which, at least for me, takes the stink off of “derivative”.

On the other hand, I never understood why John McClane had to have a disintegrating marriage, alienated children and a lonely, barren, alcoholic desert of a life.  All of that nasty stuff is missing from this new one and even the evil folk who drive the plot lack the cynical multiple-duplicity that made Hans Gruber a cheat’s cheat (false revolutionary, false terrorist, false friend, false entrepreneur; false).

There’s plenty of what-the-fuck-do-I-think-I’m-doing? to complement the harrowing derring do, and throughout the film the atypical, non-traditional American family unit does cohesive hybrid family stuff that warms the cockles through&through.

For the record, Die Hards 1, 3, 4 & 6 kicked my ass while 2 & 5 just sucked it.

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