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Man of Steal

…for Jor-El was so indifferent to Life that he surrendered his only begotten son, the first naturalborn child in millenia, to a planetful of retarded barbarians who would immediately destroy him (if they knew of his alien origin and if they could)…and died shortly before his wife, his race and his entire world.  Jor-El is a darker, more absurd figure than God, Darth and Satan.

Apart from the convoluted storyline, innumerable deaths, and the gratuitous destruction, this movie borrows stylish schtick from every competing franchise under the sun.  BUT its biggest sin resides in not borrowing the merest iota of a sense of humor (about anything) from enterprises of greater pith, moment or sexual/romantic sensibility. 

I think this reboot is even worse than the original SUPERMAN film, which turned, after the first hour, from pomposity to pathetic slapstick.

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