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Digital Television a follow-up report

Speaking as someone who’s over the hill in a line-of-sight broadcast environment, Digital Television Sucks!

The 19″CRT I bought in late 2001 still works with my newish set-top digital tuner and my ineffectual 12-position RadioShack antenna (that looks a lot like a radar-recon aircraft, for no discernible reason).  Unfortunately, they all work together to  deliver a greater number of crisp, pristine commercials that are frequently interrupted by the shows I actually want to watch — and those shows (no matter what I do to capture clear signal) reach my receiver with infuritating gaps in video and audio that I don’t want to get used to.

It bears repeating that the commercials come in loud-and-clear, while the programs I’ve tuned in to watch simply don’t.

Between my receiver and the two transmitters (at 12 and 20 miles from me) upon which I depend are:

  • the 2-story building next door
  • a 2-story waste-water treatment tank, 400 yards away
  • lots of tall trees, the ususal vagaries of Bay Area weather and more-or-less constant wind
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • and an industry designed to deliver compelling propaganda that’s intersperced with content I value (and the broadcast industry regards as worthless in comparison with costly political slander and the gold mine of shameless, self-promoting Brand-Stroking).

BREAKING NEWS:  Direct to you from the Oval Off___.  “My Fellow A__________.  Due to ______s beyond __________and___ hostilities have ____________-_________ between the United State_of__________and________ coupled with _________ asteroid bombardment, sunspot ac___________and global thermo______._________ ____tsunami__ _is ____ly no alternative to war!” ________________”Tastes Great, Less Filling”…(a series of loud, clear, uninterrupted,  obnoxious, repetitive commercials)…What’s in your wallet?”

Broadcast digital television sucks because  It’s toasted.  So too is the broadcast television industry.

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