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Panic in The Golden Age of Television

It was largely over by the time I was old enough to watch any of it, but Delmer Daves’ commentary for Marty  (The Golden Age of Television: The Criterion Collection [1958] — Amazon-sale-priced presently at just $25) reminded me that the ragged edge of panic characterized live broadcast performance in realtime continuity — making movie versions necessarily quite/profoundly different from the TV versions.  Gotta love NetFlix.

Patterns is the most intriguing offering I’ve seen thusfar.  In that I own a copy of the Heflin-based film, I look forward to viewing both simultaneously for variances — and bearing in mind that Serling’s pre-Cook original construct had Staples crush Everett Sloane’s incandescent performance, by flatly leaving New York (and the exquisite challenge of life at the tippy-top of his chosen career) in a righteously-indignant huff.  Fuckit!  I just placed my order, adding $10 for The Velvet Alley.  It’s Ramsie’s industrialist’s rant that I wanted from PureFold, to bring the voice of the Chief (Brand-)Culture Officer out of the inferrential opacity of the conference room and into the unblinding transparency of sunlight for natural disinfection.  I think that’s a major chunk of what Rod wanted too.

Now let’s see where I can download ancient screenplays.  Long time, no feeding frenzy.  This intoxicated rush is sorely missed.

Also on the devout media-freak front, there’s this:

Oh yeah:

Oh well.


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