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Points of Interest

There’s a free treasure trove of panel discussions and interviews here:

The link leads to my personal favorite, though MIT World is packed with valuable items for every interest.

And there’s plenty more David Milch here:

Grant McCracken’s blog is the intersection of fascinating ideas and a probing intelligence:

And Bob Hoffman’s The Ad Contrarian is an invaluable antidote to advert-think hysteria:

Just tracking Henry Jenkins’ trail of ideas is the work of several lifetimes:

And the Rowell website:

is an oasis of inspiration and information on the journey to learn to see.


I’m adding the gallery page of my DeviantArt account largely because it’s a better viewing environment for the presentation of images than I’ve managed to squeeze out of this blog.  And adding this link may spur me to post more of the best stuff I get every weekend.

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